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Helga's Diary

The Theresienstadt Diary of Helga Pollak


German Edition 2014

Edition  Room 28/Hannelore Brenner is looking for a publisher for an English edition of this book with its  precious authentic documents.

English translation:


My Terezin Diary 1943-1944

and the notes of my father Otto Pollak


With historical facts and interviews, compiled and edited by Hannelore Brenner

Edition Room 28, Berlin, 2014
Hardcover, 288 pages, with colour and other illustrations. Prize: 22€

ISBN 978-3-00-043804-2 



Ebook in German available in all Ebooks stores such as:  Ciando Ebooks ; Thalia iTunes  ISBN: 9783000480706

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A unique historical testimony

headlines the Austrian magazin profil in its edition 8/2014. And the Austrian author Erich Hackl wrote:

Helga's  diary is a unique document of resistence. Here writes a young girl who is rising above herself  and reality.


Erich Hackl, Die Presse Vienna 30.6.2014

The story of young Helga Pollak is a model case of remembering the fate of the European Jewish children during the Holocaust. Her autobiographical notes are comparable to those of Anne Frank... Her story will move many more generations to come.


Peter Gstettner in his epilogue to the book.

Important notes

to the Helga's diary, in order to prevent further confusion

Important notes
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In 2004 the diary of Helga Pollak became known, as it is the heart and the read threat of the story of "The Girls of Room 28".  Since then, and even before, Helga Pollak-Kinsky and Hannelore Brenner were invited countless times for readings and Helga read from her diary. Many times she was invited into schools or for official events - as to the European Commission or to the United Nations in Geneva.

Helga Pollak-Kinsky has become the central protagonist of the story and promotor or the project with "The Girls of Room 28".

In 2013 a book titled "Helga's Diary" was piblished by Penguin books and ever since has caused a lot ofconfusion. The book is by Helga Weiss, who also lived in the Girls Home L 410, in another room. Although her diary is not an authentic one, but consists of notes rewritten and revised after the war, it is sold under the misleading title "Helga's Diary". Thus her book is very often mistaken for the Theresienstadt Diary of "our Helga" - Helga Pollak.

This also happened in the autobiography by Madeleine Albright Prague Winter published in 2012 by Harper Collins. She refers to the book The Girls of Room 28 and attributes quotes from it to Helga Weiss instead to Helga Pollak.

The confusions continued persistantly. This made it necessary to rectify the error iin order to prevent further damage. The Compendium 2017 therefore includes "Important notes" to the diary of Helga Pollak

You can dowload this chapter here.

From the Compendium 2017

Important notes
Compendium 2017 Helgas Diary.pdf
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