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Edition Room 28 is a branch of Room 28 Projects.There you can get all information abaut the book and the exhibition based on the story of the Girls of Room 28. This book would never have been written without the Terezin Diary of Helga Pollak. Therefore, the complete diary along with the notes of Helga's father Otto Pollak was published in 2014 by Edition Room 28.

Helga Pollak Kinsky

My Terezin Diary 1943-1944

and the notes of may father Otto Pollak

Supplemented with historical facts and interviews with Helga Pollak-Kinsky and edited by Hannelore Brenner. Epilogue: Professor Peter Gstettner, Klagenfurt


Edition Room 28, Berlin, 2/2014
ISBN 978-3-00-043804-2. Hardcover, 288 pages, 16 pages in colour and numerous photos and images. Prize D 22€/ A: 22,70€


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Vienna, 29 January 2017

Special event with Helga

A special event will take place on 29 January 2017: Helga Pollak-Kinsky reads from her Theresienstadt Diary on the side of Hannelore Brenner, who leads through the story. The ensemble from Berlin Zwockhaus presents songs from the Theresienstadt Cabaret and from Ilse Weber. Click the button to make a reservation:

This is a program we have developed together since 2008 and presented severall times: in the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Berlin, in the Rathaus Schöneberg in Berlin and, in 2013, at the European Commission in Brussels for the Holocaust Remembrance Day. Get more information about the Zwockhaus and our programm on:

Rom 28 Projects

The website of Room 28 Projects is in English. There you can learn all about the book and the exhibition The Girls of Room 28, especially about the exhibition As Meninas do Quarto 28 in Brazil.

www.room28projects.com or click the following button:

Book: The Girls of Room 28

You can learn about the book The Girls of Room 28 and about the new Compendium 2016. Click the follwing button:

Brundibár and "The Girls of Room 28"

The story of The Girls of Room 28 is also the story of the children's opera Brundibár. You can read more about it if you click the following buttons:

Helga and Brundibár and The Girls of Room 28

Evelina and Brundibár and The Girls of Room 28

Room 28 Education

The educational proejct is presented on the Website of Room 28 Education. A new Compendium 2016 is published by Edition Room 28 in December 2016 and gives an overall survey about the project and the teaching material. Learn more about the international educational project on:


CD des Monats Juni im ORF-Shop


22. Juni, Stuttgart

Das Ensemble Zwockhaus. Foto: www.evelinfrerk.de

Zum Kompendiuem erschien dieses Interview im hpd (Humanistischer Pressedienst) am 2. 5. 2017 von Evelin Frerk:


Freiberufliche Mitarbeiter/in -  Buchhändlerin oder Buchhändler für verlegerische Aufbau- und Ausbau-Tätigkeit.

Erschienen 2016

Evelina Merová
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Erschienen 2014

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Edition Room 28 ist Teil von Room 28 Projects.

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