Edition Room 28
Edition Room 28

Events mit Helga Pollak-Kinsky

Holocaust Gedenktag 2014

Europäische Kommission Brüssel, Januar 2013

The Commemoration event in Brussels was accompanied by a live reading from the Theresienstadt diary of Helga Pollak-Kinsky and music from original songs of the Theresienstadt cabaret presented by the Berlin ensemble "Zwockhaus".

Evelin Frerk has documented the event:

From the invitation of the European Commission, Brussels, to the exhibition "The Girls of Room 28" in January 2013:

"The story of Room 28 is a story of compassion and resilience of human spirit. The girls were looked after by the adults who made best of their effort to create as normal as possible conditions in the ghetto and to help the children to continue with their lives, to learn and develop their talents. Many of those adults perished during the Holocaust but their loving care remained in the memory of those girls who survived.


After the end of the war the girls from the Room 28 left for many corners of the world and established their lives in Israel, United States, Russia, Britain, Sweden, Germany, Austria and Czechoslovakia. It took several decades before they met again. It was only in 1991 when arrival of democracy to central and eastern Europe allowed that the girls to get together. They kept meeting since 1991 and as a result put together a project assisted by Hannelore Brenner-Wonschick which aims at passing their memory to the young generation.

Quoted from the Website of the European Commission


Photos of the Exhibition



17. November 2017,

Waldorfschule für Terezin. Präsentation eines tschechisch-deutschen Projektes. Mehr auf Room 28 Education.

Compendium 2017

Coming mid-November

Juni 2017: Doppel-CD


Zwockhaus vertreten durch: Agentur Hannelore Brenner brenner@room28.de

Zum Kompendiuem erschien dieses Interview im hpd (Humanistischer Pressedienst) am 2. 5. 2017 von Evelin Frerk:

Erschienen 2016

Evelina Merová
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Erschienen 2014

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